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Student Legal Services Policies

  • Student Legal Services offers its services only to students who are currently registered and enrolled at UC Berkeley or, during winter or summer break, were registered in the the immediately preceding (fall or spring) semester.  Currently registered students does not include postdocs, extension or concurrent enrollment students, visiting scholars, or professional staff.
  • Student Legal Services provides counsel and guidance only, and does not offer representation or advocacy on behalf of individual students with regard to their potential legal claims or disputes.
  • Student Legal Services counsel and guidance is limited to California law.  Student Legal Services cannot advise in any matter that may be governed by the laws of other states.
  • Other than providing basic information and referrals, Student Legal Services cannot generally advise in matters related to tax, immigration, patent, workers’ compensation, or medical or legal malpractice.
  • The services offered by Student Legal Services are available only to individual students. Student Legal Services does not assist partnerships, corporations, associations, or organizations, nor does Student Legal Services assist students with their business affairs.
  • It is within the discretion of Student Legal Services to determine whether the services provided by the office shall be limited, especially in cases where the attorney lacks expertise in the area and/or the time and resources required to handle the matter would unreasonably reduce the services available to other students.